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14 August, 2017

Any event has a dress code expected to be followed by all those invited. And not abiding to the dress code would result in standing out amongst the crowd in a way that isn’t exactly positive. They say standing out is good, but it depends on the kind of standing out you are going for. You can’t expect to stand out in a good way dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for a wedding, you would simply look ridiculous! So knowing how to dress based on the social event is key. Here are some tips to help you out;

The formal

This is basically also called a black tie event. From the name of the event on its own you can easily figure out that a casual jeans and t-shirt isn’t welcomed at all. You are expected to go prim and proper to meet many other guests. For men it is usually a tux and a classy tie that is expected to be worn at such events and when it comes to women you can either wear a fancy long gown you have got hanging at the back of your closet or purchase a brand new one hanging on those wooden hangers at the display in Kelly Felder or any other designer store. Remember that going all out in these events when it comes to accessories and clothing is actually expected. You can add in heavy jewelry depending on how well it goes with your dress and make sure to carry a clutch as well with you. Pair it up with some fancy 6 inched pumps and you are good to go!


These are usually events like engagement parties, a semi-formal wedding and even fundraisers. Here you aren’t exactly expected to go all out like in a formal event but, you can certainly mix things up to add in the greatness of a combination of formal and informal. The best way for selecting a gown for such events would be to look at the fabric of the gown. It could be chiffon, lace and may be even silk. Try getting a dress made from either one of these and combine it with some great shoes and you would look the exact amount of classy and cute. Such events usually see more of those black dresses hung on hangers in many stores but you can certainly consider wearing other bold colors as well. Don’t limit yourself and your choices to only black.


This is one of the easiest events to choose a gown for. You can either go comfortable depending on the place it is held at or go all out with bedazzling dresses. Remember here you are free to choose from a range of colors, so go cute, go simple and go colorful! Pair it with jeweled shoes, a simple purse and an amazing hair style and you would be perfectly set for the event. For the men of course, you could throw in a blazer and a simple yet cool tie or wear a sweater over a dress shirt instead of the blazer and tie. This too depends on what you deem is more appropriate for the event! Consider the above events and styles, and dress to match with the code!

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14 March, 2016

onlinesThe fabric of the tie greatly contributes towards giving you different exclusive looks in attires along with its types and styles. Some fabrics may feel extremely pleasing and comfortable during particular weather patterns or occasions, while other may be suitable to different ones.
So, do you also want to stand out from other men by opting for the amazing material of the ties such as linen neck ties or others? Here, is the most valuable information about different tie fabrics in details. Get a look.

Linen and Cotton ties
These two are the most accepted fabric among summer ties. Bow ties online offer great and pleasing looks, especially when combined with summer cotton or linen suit. They come in pastel or light colours that add amazing textural variation to standard woollen suits. Some of the popular summer patterns are delicate stripes, plaids, and polka dots. However, these ties must be lined properly in order to maintain its shape and prevent them from getting wrinkles on it.

Silk Ties
Silk ties are widely popular in the market. It is considered to be one of the most durable and strong fabric among the other ones. It has relatively high tensile strength that allows it to bear pulling pressure along with maintaining its shape. Moreover, they are resistant to wrinkles and retain their shape easily. There are many designs that are available in woven silk as well as printed one. They can be the ideal choice for the one wishing to grab a tie that can suit them throughout the year.

Woollen Ties
Wool can be a great alternative to the silk ones that can be adopted in any time of the year. Woollen ties offer several amazing textures and depth that can be combined with different jackets and traditional suits. During the winter season, they can offer you a perfect look. They are generally full in body, tie thick knots, and drape really well that makes them ideal choice for formal attires.

Knitted Ties
They tend to be less formal as compared to other fabrics. However, they can be easily combined with a casual outfit. They appear to be loosely woven and are generally characterized by their different & latest textures of dinner suits. Most of these ties possesses square ends and are basically made up of either wool or silk. It allows you to give yourself a classy look, especially in less formal occasions such as blazer wedding without letting you being overdressed. To wind up, you can easily choose your fabric that can best suit to the occasion and your choice. Be sure to get just the gorgeous one out!

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