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14 August, 2017

Any event has a dress code expected to be followed by all those invited. And not abiding to the dress code would result in standing out amongst the crowd in a way that isn’t exactly positive. They say standing out is good, but it depends on the kind of standing out you are going for. You can’t expect to stand out in a good way dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for a wedding, you would simply look ridiculous! So knowing how to dress based on the social event is key. Here are some tips to help you out;

The formal

This is basically also called a black tie event. From the name of the event on its own you can easily figure out that a casual jeans and t-shirt isn’t welcomed at all. You are expected to go prim and proper to meet many other guests. For men it is usually a tux and a classy tie that is expected to be worn at such events and when it comes to women you can either wear a fancy long gown you have got hanging at the back of your closet or purchase a brand new one hanging on those wooden hangers at the display in Kelly Felder or any other designer store. Remember that going all out in these events when it comes to accessories and clothing is actually expected. You can add in heavy jewelry depending on how well it goes with your dress and make sure to carry a clutch as well with you. Pair it up with some fancy 6 inched pumps and you are good to go!


These are usually events like engagement parties, a semi-formal wedding and even fundraisers. Here you aren’t exactly expected to go all out like in a formal event but, you can certainly mix things up to add in the greatness of a combination of formal and informal. The best way for selecting a gown for such events would be to look at the fabric of the gown. It could be chiffon, lace and may be even silk. Try getting a dress made from either one of these and combine it with some great shoes and you would look the exact amount of classy and cute. Such events usually see more of those black dresses hung on hangers in many stores but you can certainly consider wearing other bold colors as well. Don’t limit yourself and your choices to only black.


This is one of the easiest events to choose a gown for. You can either go comfortable depending on the place it is held at or go all out with bedazzling dresses. Remember here you are free to choose from a range of colors, so go cute, go simple and go colorful! Pair it with jeweled shoes, a simple purse and an amazing hair style and you would be perfectly set for the event. For the men of course, you could throw in a blazer and a simple yet cool tie or wear a sweater over a dress shirt instead of the blazer and tie. This too depends on what you deem is more appropriate for the event! Consider the above events and styles, and dress to match with the code!

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8 March, 2017

If you have your own business and your own brand, you will need to look for creative ways of marketing your brand and bringing in more customers. Many people focus heavily on advertising and selling their products but they do not focus on marketing and building up their brand which is just as important, if not more important. In fact, most people do not even know the difference between the two.

Advertising is the act of investing money in to selling your product which is a short term goal with the end result of making immediate money. Marketing and brand building on the other hand is something completely different. In this case, you invest money in telling people about your brand and getting them to remember your brand name. They may not always buy your products immediately as a result of your branding efforts but they will remember your brand for whenever they may need your services at some point.

Corporate presents

Brand building and marketing is as much about retaining old customers and bringing them back to your company as returning and regular customers than it is about bringing in new customers. As an example, if you have a customer than has invested a lot of money or if you identify a potential customer who may be interested in your brand, you could consider sending him or her a corporate branded gift such as personalised stubby holders.

The corporate gifts that you give do not have to be very expensive elaborate gifts but instead focused on products that they will tend to use on a regular basis. Your aim in doing this is to keep your customer seeing your logo and brand name all of the time to make your brand a top of the mind brand. You could invest a lot of money on something like a branded wine barrels for sale in Sydney however, if these glasses are going to be lying at the back of a shelf until your customer decides to have a glass of wine every six months, your goal will be lost.

It is indeed an interesting fact that a customer is more likely to buy your product if he has seen and heard your brand name regularly. This may create the illusion that your product is better than the competition and he may even recommend your product. Good branding strategies will not only bring in money on the long run directly but it could even result in recommendations from people who have never even used your services.

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18 January, 2017


While the preferences of different individuals with regard to the ideal body type may vary, it is impossible to disagree with the fact that the ideal body should be healthy. This would dispose of the unhealthy body standards of being obese and being conditions such as being anorexic. A healthy body will have the body weight according to the height and would be free of diseases. However, one could take an extra step in making a healthy body into a more attractive one through proper fitness training.  There are certain factors that contribute towards an ideal body. Knowing these factors will be beneficial for those who wish to bring their physiques to the ideal state.

When considering the factors that contribute towards an ideal body, one of the first factors that can be considered important is the amount of exercise that your body is getting. While it is not very good to overly exhaust yourself in the process, regular exercise is extremely important in achieving the results that you desire. Another very important factor is the nutrition that you are getting and the diet plan that you follow.  The supplements that you are taking should be of high standard and the raw protein powder in Australia that you visit should contain all the super food items that you require. When these two factors are combined the foundation towards building an ideal body.

In considering the supplements and nutrients that can be gained, important nutrients such as proteins should be given special attention. Getting high quality plant based protein or products as such would give one the opportunity to get the necessary nutrition in their purest forms. Factors such as dedication and the instruction that is received through the instructors and trainers and how accurately they are followed are also factors that has significant contribution towards building an ideal body structure. It is also important to be in a good and positive mentality as it is proven that it would act as a catalyst towards the results that you will be getting.

Just having these factors and bringing them together is not enough. Steps should be taken in a way such a way that these factors are maintained in the long term as well. It takes dedication to bring your body to the point that it could be considered healthy and ideal and such an effort should not be let go to waste through losing interest in what one is doing. However, it is unlikely that a person who has known the essence of a healthy body would give up on his training or nutrition intake.


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